• 01 Deck

    Decking which I built a fence around.

  • 02 Outdoor Space

    We can create a luxurious outdoor space.

  • 03 Truck

    1,700lbs and she's still going strong!

  • 04 Lights

    Don't climb up on your roof to install those lights when we can do it for you.

  • 05 Kitchens

    We do kitchens!

  • 06 Manley Man

    Sitting on my creation outside the best restaurant in town.

Manley Man Handyman Services

excellent and trustworthy service for your home repair needs

In this day and age, we seem to hold onto our houses longer. Though it is one of life’s great joys to own your house; it is also one of life’s great headaches when things start going wrong with your house. For many people, it’s like a broken puzzle where you lost the box with the picture, and don’t even know how to start. At Manley Man Handyman Services, we like puzzles. We know what all the pictures look like, and have all the tools to make your house come together and shine!